Ganesh Thangka

Nritya Ganesh Thangka

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Hand-painted Nritya Ganesh with his mouse vahana (vehicle).

Nritya Ganapati is regarded as the 15th among the 32 different forms of Ganapati. The Sanskrit word ‘Nritya’ means ‘dance.’ Nritya Ganapati, as the name suggests, is a dancer or a happy dancer, and thus represents the relaxed and enjoyable form of the Lord. This Ganapati is depicted dancing under the divine, wish-fulfilling Kalpa Vriksha tree. With one foot placed on the ground and the other raised, as during a dance, he is shining in golden yellow color and has four hands. While he holds his own broken tusk in the principal right hand, an elephant goad, a battle axe, and a noose are there in his other hands. Rings are seen in his fingers and his trunk, curled in the end, is holding his favorite snack, Modak (dumpling). In some depictions, one of his hands is shown as holding the sweet meat.