Gold plated Wooden Bajra
Gold plated Copper Vajra
Gold plated Copper Vajra

Gold plated Copper Vajra

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Hancrafted Copper and Gold plated Bishwa Bajra/Vajra (Double Thunderbolt).

The Bishwa Bajra is created by two Bajra crossed together or four Bajra heads that sits at the cardinal points of a central hub. Bajra is a Sanskrit word that means both thunderbolt and diamond.

In Buddhism, the vajra is the symbol of Vajrayana, one of the three major branches of Buddhism. Vajrayana is translated as "Thunderbolt Way" or "Diamond Way" and can imply the thunderbolt experience of Buddhist enlightenment or bodhi. It also implies indestructibility.

As a ritual object in Buddhism, the Bajra symbolizes the indestructibility of a diamond and the irresistible force of the thunderbolt. The crossed, double or universal Bajra is thus called the Bishwa Bajra and represents the absolute stability of the physical world. It is also a powerful protective symbol that can not be destroyed but itself destroys all evil.

The Bajra is associated with Amoghasiddhi, one of the five Dhyani Buddhas whom mudra is Granting Protection or Fearlessness (hand raised with outward facing palm) and whose consort is the Green Tara.