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  • Shakyamuni Buddha Thangka
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Shakyamuni Buddha Thangka

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Exquisite Handpainted Thangka of Shakyamuni Buddha in Gold and Vegetable Colour with 34 Buddhas with different hand postures.

The Buddha Shakyamuni is the historical Buddha, founder of the Buddhist philosophy and often referred to as “the Buddha”. He is believed to have lived in around 420 BC and to have spent most of his life spreading the teachings of Dharma, in the Buddhist religion each "kalpa" (a Buddhist eon) is said to have its own Buddha, whose teachings slowly are forgotten before the next Buddha arrives. His life is detailled in the Thangka called the Life of Buddha.

For many, Shakyamuni Buddha, is considered to be a model, a guide and an inspiration. It is said that his presence on earth is ensured by the “dharma” or spiritual belief and by the “sanga” or Buddhist community. Together they form what is referred to as the 3 jewels of Buddhism (Buddha, Dharma and Sanga).

He is often painted with his two disciples, Sariputra famous for his wisdom and Maudgalyayana for his miraculous feats. Both disciples are believed to have been Brahmins who studied the Vedas before being initiated into Buddhism