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  • Silver Dagger
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Silver Dagger

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Handmade Silver Dagger with Turquoise & Coral Stones. This is a rare Tibetan Silver Covered Dagger with Turquoise & Coral Stones. he sheath, grip and pommel exquisitely chiselled from gilt-silver in the finest quality pierced and openwork technique sometimes known as derge, after the Tibetan province where it originated. The gilt-silver deeply pierced and incorporating various symbolic motifs throughout, including intertwined dragons and a garuda-like face design, inlaid with semi-precious turquoise stones. The openwork sheath mounted on a felt (wool) ground which forms the lining for the inner sheath to house the blade. The blade itself is a stout four-sided stiletto type designed for punching and stabbing through armour, rather than cutting with an edge. An unusually high quality knife circa 1800.