• Thangkas

    Own Thangka paintings, "the miracle of Buddhist culture." Thangkas are classical & stylized form of Nepalese & Tibetan paintings, consisting of a painted picture panel, often surrounded by a textile mantle that is supported by scroll sticks and overlain with a silk cover.

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  • Statues

    Reflect on the teachings of the Buddha with his statues & more. All our statues are handcrafted with traditional techniques. Nepalese artisan have created a distinctive style of their own over the centuries and preserved the ancient techniques by passing them on from generation to generation.

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  • Singing bowls & bells

    “Train the brain” with our handcrafted Singing Bowls & Bells. Tibetan singing bowls and bells are a type of bell that vibrates and produces a rich, deep tone when played. They are said to promote relaxation & offer powerful healing properties. Learn moreabout the benefits of the signing bowl.

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  • Home Decor

    Nepalese handicraft are best known for its rich art, crafts and oriental architecture. The skills and techniques of making these exquisite home decor accents have been passed down from generation to generation (since about the 5th century).

    Checkout our collections: Animal FigurinesCultural master pieces such as Prayer wheels and VajrasWall hangings including traditional Newari WindowsConch Shells (Shankha) and more.

Our Vision

We support the finest craftsmen who have preserved the ancient techniques of the Himalayan handmade craft. Today their livelihood is at stake due to Covid-19 and we seek to help these local artisans showcase their craftsmanship and make their exquisite offerings available for you and your loved ones.