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  • White Tara Thangka
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White Tara Thangka

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Handpainted White Tara Thangka.

White Tara is the mother of all Buddhas, also known as Female Buddha and the goddess of compassion and healing of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

She is depicted seating in lotus position with the soles of her feet pointing upward. Her left hand holds a beautiful blue lotus flower and her right hand is extended to her knee in the mudra of compassion. She has seven eyes symbolizing her power to see human afflictions. The name Tara means “the one who saves” and she has the power to alleviate people from suffering.

Tara is considered a completely enlightened Buddha and her practices are found in all classes of tantra of all schools of Tibetan Buddhism, but she is popular in every Buddhist tradition.

Tara promised always to appear in the form of a female bodhisattva and Goddess for the benefit of every living being. In her white form she appears specifically for the purpose of granting longevity.

To present a new born baby with a thangka painting of White Tara is considered to bring good fortune and wish a long life ahead.